Resources to Help You in 2011

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2011 is 10 days away and I want to help you be prepared. That's why I'm making 2 of our best selling resources available to you at a significant discount:

1. The Productive Leader - If you want to get more done in 2011, then you have to learn to maximize every working hour. This resource teaches you the 24 most important productivity principles that will allow you to get more doen in less time.

2. The Church Budget - This resource has helped tons of churches to create a 2011 budget that works! This resource also includes an entire session on staff compensation that will guide you in making the decisions that will affect 50% of your overall budget.

You can pick up either or both of these resources for 30% off by entering the coupon code 2011 at check out. This is our way of helping you make 2011 everything it can be.