Q and A: Staff Compensation (Part 2)

Bob FranquizChurch

"What about longevity in the organization? How important is that is determining compensation?"

I believe longevity has great value, but what's of more value is the skills and leadership each individual brings to the table. 

But here's what's most important about staff when it comes to compensation: are they growing with the organization? Because some staff can help a church get to a certain level effectively, but without continued learning and growth the organization grows beyond their ability to lead or make an impact. 

So I'm always looking to see how staff are growing are developing themselves. 

Of course, as the Senior Pastor I need to be creating opportunities for staff to grow, but they have to take those opportunities are develop as a result of them. 

The bottom line is this: some people haven't been on staff at a church for 5 years. They've been on staff at a church 1 year five times. They've repeated the same level of leadership and never grown beyond that. 

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