One Week from Today!

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WEB_icon One week from today I'll be leading a Zero to Sixty webinar!  I love this format because no one excluded from participating due to location. Instead anyone can join the webinar and be part of this learning experience from the comfort of their home or office.  

Also, due to the webinar format, your entire staff can participate in the seminar at no additional cost! That's one of the great things about technology. Your registration covers anyone in your church that can listen in on your phone line.  That's what's great about webinars! 

The Zero to Sixty Webinar is Thursday, July 16th from 1PM-3PM.   

Here’s what you can expect to learn:
– How to communicate vision in a way that causes people to respond
– How to hire the right people and fire the wrong people
– How to gauge the health of your church
– Staffing strategies that add staff and reduce expenses
– How to maximize momentum for greater growth
– How to develop a system for raising up leaders
– How to develop yourself as a leader
– How to manage staff more effectively
– And much more!

You can register for the Zero to Sixty webinar by clicking here.  (Remember, you only need to register once. Then get your whole staff to listen in on the line!)