New Resource!

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Productive Leader I'm very excited to announce the release of my newest resource, "The Productive Leader: TheArt of Getting More Done in Less Time".  

I get asked a lot how I read as much as I do, write books and lead a growing church. Honestly, the only way I'm able to do it all is by following these 24 productivity principles that I've learned over the years.  

Here's what I cover in this 2-CD resource: 

Imagine Learning:
– Having a clear plan for each day
– The 5 essentials to delegating responsibilities effectively
– Operate out of priority, not emergency
– The 1 factor that’s keeping your maximum productivity
– Learn how to manage you energy for maximum creativity
– Manage your time instead of time managing you
– Eliminate the “Time Wasters” that eat away your day
– The 1 thing that will make you infinitely more productive
– Plus much more!

This resource is for anyone who feels the pressure of getting everything done in ministry. I truly believe these 24 productivity principles will help you be more effective and lead better.