New Resource: The Leadership Pipeline!

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I'm so excited to announce the release of my latest resource, "The Leadership Pipeline: Developing Leaders at every Level". I believe this is the most important resource I have ever recorded. 

In this 12-CD resource, I lay out how we have created a leadership system at Calvary Fellowship where we have never had to look outside of our church to hire staff. Instead, we've always had several candidates ready to join the staff at any given time. This is true with all staff: Associate Pastors, ministers, ministry leaders, and administrative staff. 

But this doesn't happen by accident. It happens as a result of being intentional about discipleship and leadership development. 

To celebrate the launch of this resource, I'm offering a $50 coupon code. Simply enter the code pipeline and you'll receive $50 off the CD version or the mp3 version

Here's the resource description for the site: 

Imagine a church where staff members are raised up from within. A church where leaders grow from infancy to maturity in the same place. A church where ministry is happening and every position doesn’t have to be staffed. Some say this is a pipe dream. I say this is a leadership pipeline! 

One of the marks of a healthy church is the ability to raise up leaders from within and see them grow from infancy to maturity. This 12-CD resource can help you create a system whereby leaders are being produced at every level of your church. 

Imagine seeing this in your church: 

  • Equipped leaders serving at every level
  • Staff joining your team that were raised up from within
  • Not needing to hire staff from outside of your church
  • Having more leaders than you know what to do with
  • Never having to beg for volunteers
  • Giving young leaders a clear track to grow to maturity 
  • Strategic investment to leaders at every level of your church
  • Knowing how to train and lead staff more effectively 
  • Plus much, much more! 

This resource will teach you how to create a system where leaders are waiting in the pipeline to get to the next level! 

P.S. The $50 off pipeline coupon code is only good  for this week. So don't delay!