National Expositional Preaching Month

Bob FranquizTeaching

Did you know that August is National Expositional Preaching month? Probably not since I made it up ­čÖé

But I do want to talk about expositional preaching for the month of August and hopefully influence some Pastors to do some expositional preaching this year. 

Here's how I want to encourage you: we're putting every sermon series we've done (most of which are expositional studies of books of the Bible) on sale for 40% off. 

Just input the code preaching at checkout.

Here's some of what's on sale: 

Uncensored: Getting Real with God (The book of Habakkuk)

Fuel: The Factors that Ignite Faith (The book of 2 Timothy)

It's the End of the Word as we Know it (The Book of Revelation)

Engage: Unleash the Power of Now (The book of Esther)

Spotlight: Get your life into Focus (The book of Colossians)

Vintage Wisdom (The book of Proverbs)

There's much more on sale, but this is a sampling of what you can sale 40% on by using the code preaching.

My goal in all of this: to inspire Pastors to teach through books of the Bible and further disciple those in their congregations.