Los Angeles Day 1

Bob FranquizUncategorized

Carey and I arrived in LA around 2PM local time on Saturday. The weather was amazing!

We checked into our hotel and proceeded to hit the nearest In N Out Burger. It’s as good as I remember it! I feel the need to open a franchise in Miami. I may even start one out of my house if possible. I tried something new this time: The french fries – animal style! Out of hand! The Double-Double animal style was over the top, but this took things to a whole new level.

From there, Carey and I headed to Saddleback for their Saturday night service. Carey had never been there, so we checked it out. It was really good. Josh McDowell taught on the DiVinci Code and gave away copies of his new book. Great message. His story at the end was the most compelling thing.

After hearing the message, we went to see the DiVinci Code. It was good. Nowhere near as good as the book.

I’m still getting used to the time change. I’m hungry at all the wrong times. Story of my life!

By the way, Mario Van Peeples was on the plane with us from Miami to LA. Funny!