Learn to be an Outreach Ninja!

Bob FranquizChurch

I believe that right now is the best time to reach your community. People have questions and as the church, we've got answers. But the question is, will people find the answers they're looking for if they don't know we exist? 

That's why we need to be proactive and reach out! You know that evangelism is at the heart of what we do at Calvary and I want to help leaders reach their communities with the Gospel. 

That's why I've decided to do something different and offer a 4-month coaching network that is exclusively outreach oriented. 

It's the Explosive Outreach Coaching Network. Here's what it is: 

– This network is 4 months long and only covers issues of evangelism and outreach

– We're going to talk about direct mail, Facebook, Google, and all other marketing/ evangelism outlets that are available to us 

– This network is open to Senior Pastors and/or the staff member in charge of outreach at your church

– You're going to get over $300 in www.church-strategies.com outreach resources 

– A 2 hour tele-coaching call each month that deals specifically and exclusively with issues of evangelism and outreach

– PLUS as a bonus, I will personally review and critique 1 outreach piece (direct mail, Facebook ad, etc…) to make it more effective

– In short, my goal is to teach you to be an outreach ninja!

Here are some of the topics I'm going to cover: 

– How to spend next to nothing in direct mail and get killer results!

– The most important secrets to making marketing mediums work

– How to know what to say and not to say depending on your outreach medium

– Picking the right media for your message

– The do's and dont's of each marketing outlet

– What marketing opportunities are a complete waste of money

– How your church culture affects all of your outreach efforts 

– How to understand your community and speak their language

– How to know which outreach efforts are working

– The 3 most important factors that must be aligned for outreach to be effective

– How to make Facebook your biggest evangelist!

– Plus a lot more! 

I announced this yesterday in the www.church-strategies.com newsletter and this network is 1/4 full! 

The investment is $229 per month (the network is 4 sessions long). 

Here's the deal: I feel so strongly that you're going to get huge benefit from this, that if after the 1st session you don't think this network is for you, I'll refund your investment no questions asked. 

I believe this network that cause explosive growth in your church. 

If you're serious about reaching your community, then I encourage you to apply here.

You can also download the application right here:   Download ExplosiveOutreach

I look forward to working with your c
hurch to reach your community!