Leadership Essentials

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I'm excited to announce that on May 26th @1PM EST I'll be leading a one hour tele-seminar called, "Leadership Essentials". In this tele-seminar I'm going to be talking about the nitty-gritty practical stuff that makes leaders effective. 

I'll be honest with you: there's too much fluff at conferences and not enough reality leadership. So I've put together the 5 most important principles about leadership and sharing the good and bad of our our story at Calvary Fellowship.  

Here's what I'm planning on covering in this packed one hour tele-seminar: 

– The realities of leading in tough financial times 

– How to create a leadership culture so you don't ever have to look outside your church for staff 

– How to really keep growing as a leader

– How to create a hiring process that puts the right people in the right positions 

– How to gauge the health of your church (it's more than just monitoring attending and giving)

– Plus much more! 

As a bonus, we're giving everyone who attends a FREE copy of my book Zero to Sixty: 60 principles and practices for leading a growing church in ebook form (a $12.95 value)! 

Also, because this is a tele-seminar you can invite your entire staff to sit in and learn. Turn this tele-seminar into a training event! 

You can register for the Leadership Essentials tele-seminar here