Last Chance!

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Easter is 24 days away! That means there's still time to be prepared to reach more people that ever.

Yhst-41514725740354_2094_0  One of the ways we have reached people consistently at Calvary Fellowship is by using Facebook. Think about it: Right now there are over 400 million people on Facebook.

That means the very people you're trying to reach in your community are on Facebook as well!

Calvary Fellowship has consistently reached people by harnessing the power of Facebook and now you can learn the same principles we have used!

In fact, here's what Pastor Paul Peterson had to say about about using some of the Facebook strategies we teach: "Thanks for the helpful tips you shared with me a few weeks ago. We used several of them and consequently had over 1,000,000 impressions (views) of our ad and almost 200 visitors to our website… and all of this for less than $200! Thanks!"

March 11th (That's TODAY) from 1PM-2PM, I'll be leading a tele-seminar called "Digital Evangelism" where I'll be sharing everything we know about reaching people through Facebook. 

What will you learn in this one-hour, action packed, practical tele-seminar?

– The Do's and Don'ts of advertising on Facebook

– The 1 thing you must avoid at all cost

– How to track your Facebook results and see the return on your investment

– Who is the easiest group to reach on Facebook

– How to write copy that gets people to respond

– How to spend less and reach more people

– Tips for lowering your cost per click

– Plus much more!


Register for the Digital Evangelism tele-seminar here!