Last Call for Zero to Sixty in West Hartford, CT!

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Yhst-41514725740354_2054_6778268 If you live within driving distance of the Hartford area, I'm going to be teaching a Zero to Sixty seminar in West Hartford on June 25th. I've been teaching this seminar all over the country and it's been getting a great response.

Here's what I'll be covering during this 3-hour seminar:

– How to communicate vision in a way that causes people to respond
– How to hire the right people and fire the wrong people
– How to gauge the health of your church
– Staffing strategies that add staff and reduce expenses
– How to maximize momentum for greater growth
– How to develop a system for raising up leaders
– How to develop yourself as a leader
– How to manage staff more effectively
– And much more!

You can get more info and/ or register for the seminar by clicking here.

Plus, I'll be teaching a bonus session called, "21st Century outreach Strategies" where I'm going to lay out the most effective (and cost effective) ways for churches to reach out to their communities and reach new people.

You can get more info and/ or register for the bonus session by clicking here.