It’s 8 Days Away!

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Outreachessentials-2  Outreach Essentials Tele-Seminar

Date: September 22nd, 2010

Time: 1PM-2PM EST

Location: Wherever you have access to a phone!

Seminar Description:

Learn the Steps to Effective Outreach!

Too many leaders are spending a lot on outreach and seeing little by way of results. 50,000 pieces of direct mail are going out and only a few are showing up to the event. Thousands are being spent online, but only a few clicks are translating into people at the church services. 

Here's the reality: Now is the best time to reach people! 

But to reach those in our community, we need to know the essentials of outreach. Some people in your community are one click on Facebook away from attending. Some are one direct mail piece away from visiting. Others are one Google search from coming to your church and taking a major step of faith. 

That's why we're offering this Free tele-seminar on September 22nd @ 1PM EST

Here's what we're going to cover in this 1 hour tele-seminar: 
– The 1 things you absolutely must do in your outreach/ marketing efforts
– The surefire way to make sure your outreach efforts work
– How to spend less on outreach/marketing and reach more
– How to have a clear strategy to reach people in your community 
– Learn how to avoid the classic mistakes most churches make… and avoid them!
– Plus a lot more! 

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