It Ends Tonight at Midnight!

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We've completely redone the store!

Is this new store, everything is available for immediate download and we're offering everything at 25% off. Just use the coupon code welcome and that will take 25% off your entire order. 

But the coupon code giving you 25% off expires at midnight tonight! 

All of our most popular resources are available in mp3 format, like:

Digital Evangelism 

Direct Mail Secrets

The New Believer Follow Up System 

How to Make Every Sunday like Easter

The Tithe Challenge

21st Century Outreach Strategies

The Productive Leader

Creating a Culture of Evangelism

Plus, all of our sermon resources!

To give you aded incentive to check out the new store, we're giving a coupon code for 25% off your entire order. Simply input the code welcome.

But don't delay. At midnight, the sale ends. So check out the new store today!