In Case You Missed it…

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We've got a brand new resource at! It's called "The Church Budget" and it covers everything you need to know about budgeting and compensation. 


Church Budget_smallHere's what I know will be on special interest to Senior Pastors: This resource has an entire CD devoted to staff compensation.I've served on 10 church boards over the last decade and I've learned a thing or two about staff compensation. This resource has the 15 most important principles of staff compensation. This alone is a CD that you'll come back to time and again.

Here's the resource description from the site: 

Make Your Budget Make Sense!

Your budget is your dreams in dollar form. Your budget is speaking to what is most important to your church. That’s why your budget matters. If you want to make an impact, you need a budget that makes sense.  So learn the most important principles about budgeting that will lead to maximum impact and minimal headaches. 


This 3-CD resource includes everything you need to create a church budget that works. You will learn the 21 most important budgeting principles and the 15 principles of effective staff compensation. 

In this resource, you will learn:

– How to put together a budget that reaches people and pays the bills
– The most important principles in budgeting that will keep you out of the red
– The 15 most important principles for staff compensation
– How to keep one ministry from hijacking your budget
– How to keep the most important ministries well funded
– How to keep staff costs from getting out of control
– The most important rule of budgeting! 
– Plus much more! 

Here's the link for the MP3 Version. Here's the link to the CD Version.