How we Budget…

Bob FranquizChurch

It's season. What's here? Budgeting Season! 

That means most of the next 4-6 weeks will involve meetings, spreadsheets, and talk of the upcoming year. 

I thought some might be interested in our budgeting process: 

1. Give everyone a Quickbooks prints out of what has been spent in their departments for 2010 to date and all of 2009. 

2. Talk about the vision for the next year and where each ministry fits into that. 

3. Give everyone 3 weeks to put together their 2011 budgets

4. During that time, I am working on a 2011 overall budget number with our Pastors

5. Everyone turns their budgets in and we either increase or decrease their proposed budget (both happen every year)

6. Meet with our staff to discuss compensation needs.

7. I bring our 2011 budget to our board of directors for approval. 

It sounds simple, but it's not. There's a lot of prayer, vision, crunching numbers and focus that needs to happen during these few weeks. 

For a complete resource on how to make a budget that works (and an entire session on staff compensation), check out our latest resource, "The Church Budget" by clicking here.