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I got to LAX at 11:30AM for my 1:45PST flight home yesterday. Carey and I had lunch and we walked to our gate only to learn that our plane was being “Serviced” and the flight was delayed. One hour turned into 2. Two hours turned into 4. Four hours turned into over 5 hours! We took off at 7PM PST and we landed at 12PST or 3AM EST! I got to our offices where my car was at 4AM and was home and in bed by 5:30AM. All that to say, “I’m tired!”

2 good things about our flight. I finished “Why Men hate Going to Church.” Really good book. I’ll review it when I’m thinking straight. Also, I watched Glory Road on the plane. Really good movie. It wasn’t quite “Remember the Titans”, but it was an inspiring movie.