Free Tele-Seminar

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I wanted to put this on your radar: On Thursday, August 19th @1PM EST I'm doing a free tele-seminar entitled, "Leadership Essentials"

Here's the seminar description from the site:

What does it take to lead well? What are the skills necessary to take your church to the next level? In the world we live in, it is vital to continually learn new skills to meet the leadership challenges we face everyday. This tele-seminar focuses on the 10 most important skills a leader needs.

Be warned: There will be no theory taught in this tele-seminar. We will be talking rubber meets the road, no hold barred, reality about leading a growing church.

What specific skills will we be discussing in this one hour tele-seminar?
– How to create a leadership culture in your church
– What makes people buy into a vision
– How to Hire the Right People
– How to develop a system for raising up leaders
– How to develop yourself as a leader
– How to give your staff the gift of clarity
– Plus much more!

It's free if you pre-register. You can register for Leadership Essentials here.