Easter is 27 Days Away… Are you Ready?

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FBad Digital Evangelism: Reaching People through Facebook. Right now there are over 400 million people on Facebook. That means the very people you're trying to reach in your community are on Facebook as well.

Calvary Fellowship has consistently reached people by harnessing the power of Facebook and now you can learn the same principles we have used!

What will you learn in this one-hour, action packed, practical tele-seminar?

– The Do's and Don'ts of advertising on Facebook

– The 1 thing you must avoid at all cost

– How to track your Facebook results and see the return on your investment

– Who is the easiest group to reach on Facebook

– How to write copy that gets people to respond

– How to spend less and reach more people

– Tips for lowering your cost per click

– Plus much more!

Join us this Thursday, March 11th from 1PM-2PM for the Digital Evangelism Tele-seminar and learn to harness the power of Facebook to reach your community!

Essentials Direct Mail Essentials: Making Direct Work this Easter!  

Just in time for Easter, this tele-seminar talks about the most important things to know when doing direct mail.

This one hour tele-seminar is all about how to get maximum results from direct mail this Easter AND how to spend less in the process.

Plus, you can include your staff and turn the seminar into a training event for your staff (for the cost of one registration)!

Here's what you can expect to learn from this highly practical tele-seminar:

– How to stop spending a fortune on direct mail AND increase your response

– How to get your direct mail read

– How to get real data to know if your direct mail is working

– How to speak the language of those you're trying to reach

– How to set up a system for effective direct mail

– How to develop a strategy that gets a great return on your direct mail investment!

– Plus, answers to the most common questions about direct mail!

You only get one chance to make a huge impact on Easter. This tele-seminar can help you do it!

So join us on Thursday, March 18th from 1PM-2PM for the Direct Mail Essentials Tele-seminar and make the biggest impact possible this Easter!