Don’t Miss Your Chance…

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On Thursday March 18th fro 1PM-2PM EST (that's tomorrow) I'm leading a tele-seminar entitled, "Direct Mail Essentials:Making Direct Mail Work". 

With only 18 days left until Easter, there's still time to put together a strategy for direct mail that get great results and costs half of what most church direct mail campaigns run. 

We launched our Miramar campus with over 160 people and all we did to promote it was direct mail!

Yhst-41514725740354_2095_132848 Here's what you can expect to Learn from this Practical, nuts and bolts tele-seminar:

How to stop spending a fortune on direct mail AND increase your response

– How to get your direct mail read
– How to get real data to know if your direct mail is working
How to speak the language of those you're trying to reach
– How to set up a system for effective direct mail
– How to develop a strategy that gets a great return on your direct mail investment!

– Plus, answers to the most important questions about direct mail!

Also, you can include your staff and turn the seminar into a training event for your staff (for the cost of one registration)!

You only get one opportunity a year to promote Easter, don't miss your chance to do it right!

You can register for Direct Mail Essentials by clicking here.