Don’t Forget… The Moving Sale is almost over!

Bob FranquizUncategorized

Since our offices are moving next week, we're having a huge sale on all of our resources. It's a great opportunity for you to stock up on some resources you've been meaning to pick up.  

Some of our best selling resources are 50% off like…

The Zero to Sixty Seminar for only $38.50 

Laying the Foundation for only $48.50!

The Tithe Challenge for only $64! 

The Portable Church Challenge for only $38.98

Other best selling resources are 25% off…

The New Believer Follow Up System for only $42.75

21st Century Outreach Strategies for only $42.75

Direct Mail Secrets for only $57.75

How to Make Every Sunday Like Easter for only $42.75

The Productive Leader for only $27.75

Some of these resources have never been discounted. So if you've wanted to pick them up, now is the time to do it because the sale ends Monday!