Creating a Culture of Evangelism

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Yhst-41514725740354_2099_0  Today we released a brand new resource on the site.  It's called, "Creating a Culture of Evangelism: The Factors that Make a Church Magnetic"

I particularly excited about this resource because it gets into our story at Calvary Fellowship and how we went from reaching zero people with the Gospel in the first 18 months of our church and over the last 18 months we're seen nearly 1,000 people make first time decisions for Jesus. 

In this resource we talk about the practical things we did to partner with the Holy Spirit in creating a new culture in our church. It's a resource I wish I had access to in the early days of Calvary when we weren't reaching anyone. 

It's a 3-CD set and it has everything you need to create a culture of evangelism in your church. 

Here's what can you expect to learn this resource:
– What are the 4 factors that make a church magnetic
– Who is the 1 group that can make or break your church culture
– The 3 Outreach factors that make a church magnetic
– How to double your first time decisions!
– How to Make evangelism matter to the people in your church
– Practical answers to the most common questions about creating an evangelistic culture
– Plus, much more!

You can pick up Creating a Culture of Evangelism here