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I have a new Senior Pastors tele-coaching network starting on August 26th. I thought I'd lay out some of the specifics: 

– I only coach 12 Pastors at a time

– We give over $500 in resources to those who participate

– You get 8 two-hour coaching sessions (one per month)

– Plus, you get a bonus one on one coaching session for FREE. 

Here's what a few coaching alumni had to say: 

"Joining Bob’s coaching network
last year was the best decision I have made as a church planting pastor.
 The practical insight I have gained as well as seeing how to get past
some of the pitfalls my church had experienced was well worth it! I love the
way Pastor Bob shares from his own experiences and what he is continually
learning as a student of church life and leadership.” – Gordon Hall (River Valley Church – Fresno, CA)

"Bob's coaching network has saved me
the trouble of having to make the mistakes that he has already made as well as
learning his insights into the nuts and bolts of how to "do" church.
Every session left me both encouraged and inspired to go further, deeper and
faster. Well worth the investment…my church has grown by 20% in the last 6
months thanks to some of Bob's ideas and inspiration." - Ryan Atchinson (Matoaca Christian Fellowship - Matoaca, VA)

the past few months I have been a part of a coaching network lead by Pastor Bob
Franquiz.  During the monthly sessions we've worked through the
practical 'nuts and bolts' of what it takes to plant a healthy growing
church.  The financial and personal investment over this time was well
worth it.  I have learned new strategies, new systems and more importantly
new ways of thinking about what it takes to see people come to know, follow and
grow as followers of Jesus in today’s culture." – Will Henderson (Engage City Church – Brisbane, Australia)

If you want to participate, now is the time to take a step. As I mentioned, I only accept 12 Pastors per network, so don't delay. Every network I have led has filled up. 

You can download an application here

P.S. We do have some partial scholarships available.