Brand New Resource!

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I'm very excited to announce the release of our newest resource on the site! 

It's called, "The Pillars of a Healthy Church". This resource is one that's I've been working on for over a year. 

I'm thrilled that's it's finally ready for release and ready to help church leaders. 

The Pillars of a healthy church  
Here's the description of Pillars of a Healthy Church from the website: 

There’s lots of talk about growing a big church, but little talk about growing a healthy church. Truth be told, what determines the size of a congregation in the long term is the health of the church.

Just like the human body, there are telltale signs of health. Blood pressure at 120/80. A temperature at 98.6. In the same way, there are signs if a church’s health that we can discover and monitor.

Sunday attendance and the weekly offering only paint part of the picture. There are other markers that leaders must be monitoring to ensure the health of the congregation they lead.

What can you expect to learn in this 4-CD resource?
– Learn to evaluate your church’s health
– How to create a leadership culture in your church
– Discover a proven system for following up with new believers
– How to develop leaders from within your church
– How to keep growing as a leader
– Discover the secrets to effective outreach (without breaking the bank)
– How to create a culture of evangelism
– How to raise up faithful stewards
– Plus much more!

You can pick up a copy of this resource for $10 off by using the coupon code pillars10. You can pick up Pillars of a Healthy Church by clicking here

I pray this resource help you build a healthier church!