Avoiding the Summer Giving Slump

Bob FranquizChurch

The summer financial slump is very common. The reason it's very common is because most churches simply accept that it happens. Instead of just "waiting out" the summer financial slump, why not be proactive and combat it with strategies that will ensure the health and stability of your church during this season?
Here's 3 keys to avoiding the summer financial slump:


#1 – Inspire new giving in your church by teaching on stewardship and giving a tithe challenge to the congregation. 


#2 -  Help people automate their giving so even when they miss church over the summer due to vacation or other activity, they are still being faithful in their giving because it is automated. 

#3 – Send out a mid-year giving statement so people can see where they are in their giving and if they've forgotten to give, this can serve as a gentle reminder. 


There are several other strategies that we talk about in our Tithe Challenge resource.  


For learn more about how we have increased giving in our church over 30% for the last 2 years, check out our resource, "The Tithe Challenge" by clicking here.