A Night to Remember

Bob FranquizUncategorized

Last night Carey and I attended a retirement party for my Dad. It was amazing! I got to see some family that I hadn’t seen in a while. I had the privilege of being the spokesperson (They always call on the guy who talks for a living) to say a few words about my Dad and offer a toast. It was a huge honor to tell my family, my Dad’s friends, and to tell him all that he means to me. Did I cry? Yes. Did my Dad cry? Yes. But it was great.

The best part of the night was right when I got there and I told my Dad I had a surprise for him and asked him to come outside with me. I opened the door and my older brother and sister who had flown in from Boston where standing there. (This was a top secret mission that had been in the works for that couple of weeks) My dad burst into tears, totally shocked that they had flown down to be there with him. It was absolutely incredible!

It made me think about a couple of things: people usually fly into town or say kind words or family all gets together for a funeral. What I love is that all of this happened and my Dad was there to hear the words, enjoy the company, and witness the lengths that people will go to be with him.

So I guess here’s what I learned: if you love someone, tell them now. Don’t wait until they’re gone to stand up and say what they mean to you. Do something radical to show them you love them now. Don’t wait until they’re gone. My Dad felt loved, appreciated, and celebrated by his kids and his family and he was there to enjoy it. And that’s pretty cool…