A Bunch of Random Thoughts

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One of my best friends, Bill, who’s planting a church in Hartford, CT came into town on Saturday evening and came to Calvary on Sunday.  Everyone that was around when Bill was on staff with us was really excited to see him.  He got to my house around 7PM and we talked until 3:30AM!  It was great to catch up on all that’s going on.  I think there’s few people in life that you really connect with like that.  Bill and I met in Bible College and we’ve been great friends for over a decade.  It was great. 

He’s in town for the Calvary Chapel Southeast Pastor’s Conference which starts today.  Not only am I looking forward to teaching on Wednesday, but this is a great time to catch up with other guys that I’ve known for years who are pastoring in other parts of Florida and the southeast US.  Also, I’m hoping to meet a few new friends. 

I’m excited to hear Pastor Chuck Smith, the founder of Calvary Chapel speak.  He’s almost 79 and he’s sharp as a tack!  Most of what I know about the Bible, I learned from listening to his tapes. 

In other non-related news, I’m on this total R.E.M. kick.  I think Ben’s post to guess "Superman" (Which I didn’t know) has prompted me to listen to my random assortment of R.E.M. songs.  I feel like a shiny, happy person because of it. (Sidenote, their ‘In Time" greatest hits collection is lame.  1/2 of their best songs were missing.  So I was forced to create my own greatest hits collection)

Church on Sunday felt like the best service we’ve had in a year.  The place was electric.  I had an espresso (which I haven’t had in about a year), I think was talking as fast as the Federal Express guy in those commercials (If you hear the message, let me know – it’s called "Sandcastles")

Also, someone from church gave be a baseball autographed by Dwight Evans.  Who’s Dwight Evans you ask?  (Shame on you for not knowing!)  "Dewey" Evans (No relation to Dewey Finn of "School of Rock" fame) was the right fielder for the Red Sox for almost 2 decades.  He had a rifle of an arm for which he won 8 gold gloves and was a great hitter with just over 2,500 hits and 385 career home runs.  He wore #24 and was my brother’s favorite player growing up. His dramatic catch in game 6 of the 1975 World Series is what led to Carlton Fisk’s famous homerun.  The ball is pretty awesome.   

I think I’ve run out of things to talk about – except for this: I’m very interested in the posts Andy Stanley in making on these blogs, but my question is, "How are we finding out about them?"  I found out through Scott, but how did Scott find out?  Then again, have you noticed Scott always has the 411 on what’s going on?  Could it be that he invented blogging and sits in a room full of TV screens and commands everyone call him "The architect" while he orchestrates world events?  That’s why nothing gets past him.  (9 hours of sleep gets you feeling pretty good!)

Update: I think I’m over my R.E.M. kick.  I listening to The Police now.  Why is all the best music at least 10 years old?  Think about this: Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue is 20 years old.  Man, I’m getting old…