A Tele-Seminar, a Free Report, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Bob FranquizChurch

2 things I want to share with to this morning: 

1. I'm leading a tele-seminar on December 8th (1 weeks from today) called, "Connecting New Believers". With Christmas around the corner, we need to be ready to follow up with those who decide to follow Jesus during our Christmas outreaches. I'm going to lay out the system we use for following up with new believers. We've seen over 1,000 people make first time decisions at Calvary in the last 18 months, so this is an area of strength for us. I want it to be an area of strength for you as well. You can register for the tele-seminar here.

2. Last week I released a FREE special report called, "Is your church healthy?" The response has been overwhelming! If you'd like a free copy, click here and we'll email it to you.