Walk Off!

Bob FranquizUncategorized

If you’re not aware, today is Patriots’ Day in the state of Massachusetts. In Boston, today is also the day that the Boston marathon is run. Because of that, the Red Sox always play an early game (earliest in baseball – 11:05AM).

The second time I went to Fenway Park was on Patriots’ Day. I had the best seats I’ve ever sat in (1st row, right behind the Red Sox dugout). Anyway, they lost that day. But the Patriots’ Day game has always been special to me. My world stops so I can watch this early game every year.

But today’s game was amazing. The Sox were battling the Mariners and it came down to the bottom of the ninth and Mark Lorretta hit a 2-run walk off home run for the win! It was glorious!

I started screaming and jumping up and down and have completely blown out my voice! Seriously. This isn’t good. I need my voice back. Baseball is back. I love it!