Zero to Sixty Review

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Here's a great review of Zero to Sixty by Louie Marsh…

"Zero to Sixty is a very practical and powerful book by pastor Bob Franquiz.  As the title implies it contains 60 short chapters which are organized into four areas of concern: Leadership Strategies, Staffing  Strategies, Ministry Strategies and Personal Development Strategies.

Each chapter is short and punchy, and gets to the point quickly! In this day and age that’s a good thing. Bob successfully avoids one of the worst sins in modern Christian publishing, telling long, boring, repetitive stories that simply repeat the points that the author has already made several times!  It just filler, plain and simple, and you won’t find any of that here!

Thanks Bob!

Beyond that what you will find are some very practical and pointed advice in this book. Based in Scripture, common sense, and his own Pastoral experience, Bob Franquiz lays down some good to great advice for the reader.

So who’s this book for?  Pastors obviously.  Beyond that any person in a leadership position in a church could benefit from large parts of this book. You might find every chapter helpful or relevant to you (like the chapter on how to treat your wife – I admit I skipped it!).  But you will find good stuff which will teach you, or reinforce what you already know, as well as challenge you to get off your duff and do better!

In Short:  Get this book and devour it if you are in church leadership!"