Your Outreach Didn’t End at Easter

Bob FranquizChurch

Most churches experienced lower attended services the Sunday after Easter. Some Pastors will get depressed. Those of us who understand the tides, know that the weekend after a huge Sunday that attendance usually dips a bit.

Here’s the thing: don’t stop reaching out to those who showed up on Easter. Many of them will return on Mother’s Day if you invite them.

I know many churches added those newcomers to their database and they’ll get the weekly emails about the upcoming weekend.

But here’s my recommendation to you: invite those first time guests specifically to attend on Mother’s Day.

Here’s a few ways to do that:

1. Mail them a personalized card with an invite to Mother’s Day included

2. Use a calling service to leave a message on their voice mail

3. Email them a specific invite to Mother’s Day

4. Mail them a “lumpy” package with an invite to Easter (it could be a pen that makes the package lumpy, but lumpy mail gets opened).

5. Ask your congregation to invite those guests they brought to Easter to attend

Use any or all of these ideas to get those you reached on Easter to attend. If they come back a second time within a short period, they are much more likely to stick.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about Mother’s Day and making this day huge for outreach…