You Should be on Lots of Lists

Bob FranquizGeneral

I know this may come off as an odd post, but I think you should be on a lot of mailing lists (including mine…sorry… Shameless plug – haha!)

Here’s why – I’m subscribed to lots of email lists. Some of them are ministry related, others are more motivational, others are clothing stores. Why? Because I send emails to our church every week and I’m always looking for ways to make sure our emails get opened and read.

I keep a folder on my Mac just for emails that I find clever, effective, or funny.

Email is one of the ways we communicate with our church, and while getting a lot of email can be cumbersome at times, I find it unwise to not have material to get ideas from.

If you’re worried about getting bombarded with email, create an email account that you only check every couple of days. This way your main email can stay cleared up.

So join some lists. In fact, you can join mine here (and download a free report on reaching people with Facebook)

P.S. If you’re worried, I only send one email a week. So don’t worry about getting spammed. I hate SPAM.