Yes, another Cuban Restaurant opens in Miami..

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I think Miami has the most Cuban restaurants per capita in the world (Yes, that includes Cuba)! But Sergio’s, another Cuban restaurant opened up the street from our offices on Monday and today I headed over there for lunch.

Verdict: Awesome! The beans weren’t quite as good as other places, but they put the ball in play. Everything was good. What’s funny is, with there being so many Cuban places (by the way, I’ve never seen one close here), we go to different ones for different reasons. Some do pork better. Others do sandwiches better. Others are open 24 hours. Sometimes you need a pan con bistec at 2AM and the Latin American in Hialeah can accommodate that request.

The basic rule is that the cheaper the place, the better the food. If someone tries to charge you $20 for a plate of Cuban food they need to be hit! Heap it on and keep it cheap. Anything else is a tourist trap and the food will be lame. But Sergio’s delivered the goods. Carey got chicken, I got steak and we both left happy.