Writing so the Reader Understands

Bob FranquizChurch

I mentioned yesterday that as leaders, sometimes we can forget the importance of writing good copy in our promotional pieces.  

Today I want to talk about another factor that we can miss and can kill the effectiveness of our church promotions – that's forgetting to speak the language of the people who will read our marketing pieces. 

If you're a younger leader, I know what you're thinking – "I don't write terms like 'washed in the blood' or 'sanctification' in my direct mail."  Maybe not, but do you use terms like "worship" in your promotions? Guess what? 

An unchurched person has no idea what "worship" is and would probably never connect it to music. We have to speak the language that our hearers will understand and connect with when we are trying to invite them to our churches.  

If you don't, you're just throwing your money away.  

For more insight into writing copy that connects with unchurched people, pick up a copy of "21st Century Outreach Strategies". A resource that helps churches reach more people with breaking the bank.