World Series Predictions – American League

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Last week I made my prediction that it would me the Florida Marlins representing the National League in the World Series. Now I’d like to add my thoughts about who I believe the American League representative to be.

A.L. East – With the Orioles spinning out of control (Which is what I suspected), they will be in 3rd place before too long, which is where they will end the season. Toronto has made a good run, but the fire sale will begin shortly because they are not going to be able to contend this year anyway. So why not trade your veteran player with bloated salaries for young, cheap talent? The Yankees are not playing good baseball. They are showing they are an aging team and their pitching is NOT worth the 70 million that are paying for their starting rotation. The winner: Boston! They have good starting pitching (they’re in 1st place without the aid of their ace Curt Shilling), and the best offense in baseball. Their problems: defensively they are weak and the bullpen is iffy at best. But expect some trades to take place before the July 31st deadline to compensate for these issues.

A.L. Central – Let me start by saying “I’m shocked” over the White Sox. Everyone expected the Twins to run away with this division. The White Sox starting pitching has been great. They sport the best record in all of baseball. I’m very impressed. Everyone else should just wave the white (No pun) flag and hope for better things next year. I like the Indians, but they don’t have enough this year to do it.
The winner: Chicago

A.L. West: This is basically a 2 team race. Oakland can’t score a run and Seattle is rebuilding. So it really comes down to the Rangers or the Angels. I think Texas’ offense more potent, but their pitching will break down. The Angels have decent starting pitching and an impressive bullpen with K-Rod as their closer. By late September, they will be 8 games ahead of Texas who will be imploding by then.
The winner: Los Angeles

Wild Card: Let’s face it, the Yankees will somehow find a way to get invited to the party.

So here’s how I believe the AL post-season will breakdown:

ALDS: (Best of 5 series)

Boston vs. Los Angeles – Winner: Boston in 4 games
Chicago vs. New York – Winner: New York in 5 games

ALCS: (Best of 7 series)

Boston vs. New York – Winner: Boston in 6 games

American League representative in the 2005 world series: The Boston Red Sox

I know, I’ve loved the red Sox since birth. But I really believe they can do it. Then again, I say that every year!

So I believe it will be Boston and Florida in the Word Series. Next time I’ll tell you who I think will win and why…