Why I Love Apple

Bob FranquizUncategorized

ApplelogoLast week my Powerbook turned off and wouldn’t turn on. It was unplugged and running off battery power, so I plugged it in and the computer turned on. After a few tests, I realized the battery was bad. So I went down to my local Apple store here in Miami and sought to get my problem fixed. The line was long at the Genius Bar, so I hung out and made an appointment.

Shortly after, I saw the store manager, Brian, whom I had gotten to know from my many trips to the store and he asked what was up with my machine and I explained my situation to him. Then he went out of his way to get me some help and test some other things to see if I had to wait for the Genius Bar. I turned out I did, but I still felt like a person and not just a number.

I switched to a Mac a few years ago because PC’s don’t work very well. But also because whenever I had a problem, I could never get a human on the phone and when I did, it wasn’t a person who spoke the same language as me. When I have an issue with my Mac, I can call or take a short drive and speak to someone face to face and have them test my computer in front of me.

All computers have problems from time to time. That’s just a fact. Apples may have less problems, but they still aren’t perfect. But when I have a problem, I feel as though Apple cares about me and wants to help me. That’s why I love Apple.