Why Do we Love Rules so Much?

Bob FranquizUncategorized

The Florida Marlins, having shaved mot of their payroll from last year have decided that it’s time for all facial hair to be shaved.  This article from the Boston Herald reveals that new Marlins manager Joe Girardi (An Ex-Yankee for those keeping score at home) says he’s going to do what is part of Yankee "Tradition" and allow facial hair (Actually, you can have a mustache on the Yankees, but that’s it). 

Is this not the most stupid rule ever?  Not just because I’ve sported a goatee or beard since I was 18, but why impose rules that aren’t going to affect a player’s performance.  I believe just the opposite.  If you allow a person to express themselves (I’m not talking about insanity, so please, no Dennis Rodman comments) they will perform at a higher level.  Case in point is the Red Sox.  Tehy are given freedom to express themselves, so long as it doesn’t affect their production. 

A goatee doesn’t a person is a slacker.  It just means they think they look better with one than without one.  I shaved my goatee of about 6 months ago and I looked like I was 12.  Amazingly, it’s back!  This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy.  Rules for no reason.  Does that remind you of the church at all?  Can you say, "Why is there a no dancing rule?"   

Any thoughts on this?  Can anyone give me a decent reason why people impose these rules?