Why can’t we start here?

Bob FranquizChurch

I was deeply saddened upon hearing about Dr. Falwell’s passing. He’s with Jesus and totally healed of whatever was once wrong in his body. For that, we can be thankful.

What I am also glad about is the kind words that people are saying about him. People are talking about how he influenced them, prayed for them, and modeled integrity for them.

Here’s my wish: why do we have to wait until someone is gone before we speak well of them? We slam people we disagree with and then when they go to be with Jesus, we remember they were human and we say, “Well, at least they loved Jesus and were doing their best to serve Him.”

Why don’t we start there? Why don’t we begin with grace and realize that people are trying their very best to follow Jesus in their ministries. I have always said that people are kinder to the dead than they are to the living. That’s probably why people find themselves alone. We focus so much on how we disagree that it takes our own mortality to show that we really aren’t that different after all.

What Christian brother or sister don’t you agree with? What would you say about them if you heard about their passing? Why not start there? Maybe then the church would look more like what Jesus hoped for here.