Why give away your book?

Bob FranquizBooks

That's the question someone asked me last week when I decided to give away my book Zero to Sixty. I said, "I started doing it as a nice thing to do around Christmas. I've kept doing it because I found that it felt great to give them away." 

One of my life goals is to give away as much as I can. In fact, one of my life goals is to live on 49% of my income. That way, I'm giving more than I'm keeping. I am firm believer that tithing is the bare minimum for giving. It's the training wheels of generosity. 

My friend said, "I understand that, but giving away your book is hurting your Amazon sales." I said, "Yeah, you're probably right. But it just feels good to give them away."  

My point in telling you this is NOT to pat myself on the back. Hopefully it's to spur you on to give in some way that blesses a leader or Pastor in another church. It's easy for us as Pastors to give our own churches. It's a little harder to invest in another ministry. 

That's why I'm giving away copies of Zero to Sixty. I simply want to do something that blesses church leaders. 

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