Why Coaching is Better than Conferences…

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I've been to my share of conferences over the years…

And I've been part of several coaching environments as a leader and participant…

Here's my conclusion: Coaching is better.  

Both have their benefits. Conferences inspire me and cause me to think bigger. 

But coaching has a way of putting all of that lofting thinking into bite-size pieces that I can implement in my church.  

So I think we need both, but if you're a Senior Pastor, you definitely need to be in a coaching environment.  

Here's 3 reasons why: 

1. You need an outside voice speaking into your life.

2. You need the time to disconnect from your routine and gain some new, practical ideas. 

3. You need to learn new skills to lead better.  

There are several coaching networks that are starting, but if you're interested in the one that I am going to be leading starting in August, you get grab an application here.