Where’s the Sign?

Bob FranquizChurch

So I’m driving to south Miami for a meeting today and I’m ready to get on Turnpike when I see a construction sign (You know, the kind that flash and say, “Road construction starting on June 1st – Find alternate route”). Anyway, the construction sign said, “Turnpike, next right.” So I got on the Turnpike and realized that the Giant Green Turnpike sign has been down since Hurricane Wilma and hasn’t been replaced. That’s when I realized that there were no sign indicating the Turnpike exist for the last 3 months! All the locals know that’s the exit, but anyone visiting is clueless.

That got me thinking about church signage. Does it communicate to visitors where to go? And does it communicate to them in language they understand? They don’t understand the nifty names we come up with for our ministry environments. But they do understand words like nursery, toddlers, middle school, and high school.

It should make us think about the navigation on our websites and the communication pieces we provide to newcomers. If not, people won’t make the turn we want them to take.