Who Moved My Cheese?

Bob FranquizBooks

039914446301_bo2204203200_pisitbdp500arr2 of my friends recommended “Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson to me and were shocked that I hadn’t read it. So I picked up this little 100 page book and was totally impressed. What a great book with tremendous insight into how we react to change.

As I read the book, I was thinking about the people in my life that are like the 2 mice and those that remind me of Hem and Haw. Then I gave some thought to who I was most like in this equation.

If you are needing to change anything in your church or organization, this book will challenged you to think about change as not so much of a hassle, but an opportunity. Also, because change is constant, the book caused me to think about the fact that I have to continually change and see where the cheese is moving…