When Did You Know You were a Leader?

Bob FranquizLeadership

I think about how I got into Christian leadership and it is still kind of an enigma. I am a musician by trade and always thought my contribution to the kingdom of God would be through making music. However, here I am leading a church in Miami of all places! But as I look back through my life, I see these moments where a leader was emerging. I remember the first time I thought I was a leader. I was 16 years old and my friend Keith and I had just taken a job working for a landscaping company. I was going to start the next day and I told my friend Drew what was going on and he said, “Man, I need a job.” I talked to him about the job for a few minutes and asked him about his skills and then I proclaimed, “Drew, you’re hired!” He said, “Bob, you haven’t even started yet. How can you hire me?” I said, “Leave that to me! Just be ready by 7:30 tomorrow!” The next morning rolled around and the 3 of us showed up at our new boss’ house. My boss said to me, “Bob, who’s the other guy?” I said, “Don’t worry. I hired him to help us. He really needs a job.” To my shock, my boss just shrugged his shoulders and said, “OK.” While the 3 of us only lasted 1 day in the landscaping industry, I look back and see that as a moment that a young leader was emerging.

So leaders, when did you realize you the leadership gift was in you?