When it Comes to Outreach, Testing is a Must

Bob FranquizChurch

I was talking with one of our staff members who oversees our Facebook advertising and he was telling me about an ad we use that does very well.  

What I found amazing was that he told me that when he changed the image the clicks DOUBLED!

That's why I say in direct mail and in Facebook ads, testing is our friend. 

We test the same ad with different images. We test the same ad with a different headline. We test the same image with different copy. 

DE-DL-2T Our goal is to get the combination so the ad performs the best and catches people's eye.

Because if people aren't seeing the ad and clicking, we're wasting our time and money. 

If you want to know our strategy for reaching people via Facebook ads, check our resource,"Digital Evangelism" by clicking here

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