What’s Your Plan?

Bob FranquizChurch

At our all-staff meeting today, I spend some time with our staff talking about their own personal development. I tried to share some practices beyond our own spiritual disciplines that would help us continue to grow as Christian leaders. I have found that most leaders don’t really have a plan about growing as a leader, they just think it’s going to happen by accident.

What it really comes down to is being intentional. If you are intentional about losing weight, you will. If you are intentional about graduating from college, you will. But personal growth and development doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when we are intentional about it and purpose to do what it takes.

There’s many ways to develop a plan, but the issue is, you just need one. If not, another year will go by and you’ll never read the books you wanted to, never spend time and be mentored by the leaders you wanted to, and never learn the new skill that you need to. It takes a plan and then being intentional about following through.

If you want to develop a personal growth plan, my friend Nelson has a great MP3 on the subject that you can download. It was really helpful.