What’s Wrong With The “Average” Church…

Bob FranquizGeneral

Something I learned a long time ago: No one gets excited over mediocrity. You’ve never hurried to call your friend to tell her that you just had the most “OK” BLT ever.

In fact, “OK” is, to quote Simon Cowell, “It’s not terrible. It’s just forgettable.” Mediocre isn’t going to cut it if you want to reach people with the Gospel.

The word Gospel doesn’t mean “Decent News, OK News, or Bad News!” It means Good News!

That’s the message that we are communicating every Sunday.

Think about the power of Sunday. Where else can you have the undivided attention of a group of people for an hour?

Television can’t do it. They have to pepper in commercials in to pay the bills. If sporting events could do it, they would do away with halftime and just keep going.

When a church grabs hold of the notion that their Sunday service is the most important hour in their city, everything changes.

The preaching becomes clearer and more concise. The music becomes better and more passionate. The attitude of the church goes from humdrum to happy. The congregation stops checking out halfway through the message and, instead, start inviting their friends to check out their church.

Yet, this change of heart begins with the leaders of the church.

It begins with planning services and talking through the implementation of each movement of the service. It moves to the major players of the weekend services as they design their elements to highlight the focus of the service.

It trickles down to every volunteer who learns the battle cry that “The message begins in the parking lot” as they see what they do as connected to what the pastor does when he stands to preach the Gospel.

But it all begins with answering one question…

Do you believe your Sunday service is the most important hour of the week in your community?

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