What’s Unique about your Coaching Network?

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I've gotten this question a few times from Pastors who are interested in joining my coaching network that starts in February. 

The model that I work from in my coaching network is what I call an "Inside out" approach to leadership. 

We start with the Leader (Senior Pastor) and work our way out to developing a plan to reach the community. 

Modern evangelism models say we must build the church outside-in and when it comes to growing the church, that's true.  

But when you're looking to develop yourself and other leaders, the place to start inside and work your way out. 

That's why my coaching network is organized as follows: 

Session One: The Personal Development of the Senior Pastor

Session Two: Church Structure/ Follow up Systems 

Session Three: Building a Healthy and Effective Staff 

Session Four: Creating a Volunteer system that builds leaders

Session Five: Preaching/ Creating an Evangelistic Culture  

Session Six: Advanced Outreach Strategies 

You can learn more about my new coaching network that begins in February by clicking here for an application. 

(Please note: my coaching networks are limited to 12 Pastors, so don't delay!)