What I learned about Church Planting on Sunday…

Bob FranquizChurch

My buddy Bill invited me to their 2 year anniversary service in Hartford, CT. It was great! He and I co-taught the message (which is always fun) on the subject of why a person should go to church. Bill is a good communicator, a sharp leader, and a great Pastor. He’s got a good group of leaders around him. There’s no limit to what God can do here.

It made me really think about church planting and guys who go to areas that are ridiculously saturated with churches. Do you know there are areas where there are zero churches reaching a younger generation? Yet I keep hearing about planters going to areas where there’s already a church just like the one they’re going to plant.

Seriously, do you want it to be easy, or do you want to make an eternal difference for the kingdom? When we came to Miami, there was no one doing what we were doing. The same is true for Bill. Bill’s church is the only non-traditional church within 50 miles.

If you’re going to plant, don’t go where everyone goes (you know the places I’m talking about – I don’t have to list them). Be different and go where you’re really needed.