What Cartoons are Teaching me about Communicating

Bob FranquizTeaching

Since buying the Schoolhouse Rock DVD, I’ve gotten a bunch of e-mails and comments about how much people have learned from watching Schoolhouse Rock and it got me thinking about something. These short cartoons are proof positive that you can be informational in your teaching as long as you make it memorable.

Schoolhouse Rock engaged us in a story and along the way taught us some facts about History, Science, English, or Math and we didn’t even realize we were learning. Maybe people aren’t learning and growing because sometimes we share information for the sake of sharing information, and it’s not leading people to a point of application. Ashamedly, I’m so guilty of this communication sin.

I believe the point of the message is application. Spurgeon wrote that the sermon doesn’t start until the application begins. Yet what gives the application weight is the fact that there is truth to support it. And that’s what makes 3 the magic number…