What a Night!

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Photo_052606_002Carey agreed to attend 1 baseball game while we wee out here in So. Cal, so we went to see the Angels and the Orioles last night. The game was amazing!

First off, they were the 2nd best seats I’ve ever sat in (The best being a Patriot’s Day Red Sox game where I sat on the front row on the first base line right behind the Red Sox dugout when I was 9). We got 3rd row seats from a scalper, or shall I say “Ticket Broker” for less than 1/2 price of face value. I love the haggling process with these guys. It’s part of the adventure of going to a game.

Photo_052606_006Vlad Guererro hit an inside the park homerun! The first (and probably last) of his career. What’s funny is I told Carey when he walked up to the plate that he was going to hit a home run. I just thought he was going to do it the conventional way. It’s nice to see my gift of prophecy in mid-season form. ­čÖé

Photo_052606_003It was awesome to see 2 members of the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox team (Orlando Cabrera and Kevin Millar). Anyway, I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos from the game and a few others I’ve taken from my Treo. The pictures I’ve taken with my camera will get uploaded when I get home. I forgot my camera cable at home…