What to Do when Your Church is Stuck (Part 2)

Bob FranquizChurch

My assumption is that if your church is stuck, you want to get unstuck. Here’s #2…

#2 – Is your staff able to go to the next level?

Some people can only take you do far. Some people only have a certain level of leadership capability and God brings them into your church for a season and they serve well, but then they can’t turn the corner.

This is a reality. If a person isn’t deeply committed to growing as a leader, hitting a leadership lid is inevitable.

Here’s some thoughts to keep staff growing:

– Keep a book in their hand at all times. I buy books for my staff all the time.

– Challenge them to think differently about a problem or challenge.

– Take them to where leadership is taught. This increases their vision.

– Let them know that part of their ministry if developing their own leadership.

– As the leader, you share what you do to keep growing. Your staff model who you are as a leader.